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Sun Pacific Holding Company, Inc. (OTC: SNPW) is a diversified holding company encompassing the following subsidiaries: Sun Pacific Power Corp, Street Smart Outdoor Corp, and National Mechanical Corp. SNPW continues to build upon management’s knowledge and experience across all its business sectors. The primary mission of SNPW is to serve both customers and shareholders. SNPW does that by providing quality service and equipment, working to keep customers satisfied, and by doing its part in protecting the environment with smart green technology.

Under its existing agreement to market inverters and other advanced energy management devices from the well-established FoxESS brand SNPW announced on Twitter in April: “We are currently seeking distributors and supply houses to represent our products and affiliations in the power storage and generation industry, contact us for more information and wholesale pricing. “

SNPW also stated: “We will have products stored state side on a consignment basis so we do not have to pay for product until sold and also dropship depending on quantities and offer great credit terms for larger orders.” 

SNPW recently re-tweeted an industry article on the rapid growth on this increasingly important sector which included the following:

Solar inverter is a device used to convert the energy generated from the solar panel, i.e., direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) for residential and other AC applications. Solar inverters are connected to more than one solar panel to optimize the performance of the solar panels at equal level. Solar inverter consists of voltage regulator, step-up transformer, and other electronic components. Solar inverter has various advantages such as reducing electricity bills, minimizing environmental pollution, high efficiency than diesel generators, and others. The solar (PV) inverter market is projected to reach $17.9 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 8.8% from 2021 to 2030. Significant development of the end-use industries such as oil & gas, telecom, mining, pharmaceutical, chemicals, and healthcare has fueled the demand for off–grid solar installations for their respective manufacturing and operations, which in turn drives the growth of the solar (PV) inverter market during the forecast period. In addition, increase in demand for solar inverter from developing economies such as India, China, and Japan fuel the growth of the market, globally. 

Read more here: 2021-2030 

On April 19th SNPW announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Sun Pacific Power Corp (“SPP”) and PT. IDN SOLAR TECH. (“IST”) have an agreement for the development of a 1GW per year solar manufacturing plant in the USA utilizing revolutionary technology currently being used by “IST”.

The project is currently in discussions with various states for our location and installation. This state-of-the-art processing will be done with local labor under the supervision and training from “IST” and will create cost effective panels to boost the economy and job creation. “IST” is currently producing 1GW of solar panels and also 1GW of solar cells, a level which is planned to be doubled this year. Solar cells produced by “IST” will be used in our USA facility. 

SNPW is actively engaged in sourcing raw material components and capital with an end goal to sell to developers/EPC in large scale solar projects. Additionally, at this time SNPW is launching its OEM panel production in Indonesia which is underway for the Sun Pacific Power brand while the company works at developing its USA factory.

With ongoing negotiations, the construction of the SNPW plant in the USA is being planned to utilize 20 square meters with 1GW production consisting of two 500MW fully automated solar panel production lines.

Nicholas Campanella, CEO of SNPW, stated, “We are excited to work with “IST” in helping with this opportunity in the US. The arrangement with “IST” will help us with sourcing raw materials and provide knowledge for building our facility as well as foster further growth opportunities for our company. We look forward to using the considerable “IST” knowledge and expertise to develop various solar panels and designs that we have been working on for some time. This is projected to lead SNPW to over 450 million in sales at full capacity and the creation of hundreds of jobs with the most advanced technologies to be deployed in the USA.

On January 25th SNPW announced its wholly owned subsidiary Sun Pacific Power Corp (SPP) has launched a new weblink for FoxESS Co. LTD after becoming an authorized distributor for the full FoxESS line of energy storage products throughout North America, South America and Australia in November.  Sun Pacific Power web link will allow distributors and clients access the product line.

FoxESS is a global leader in the development of inverter products and energy storage solutions. Engineered by some of the world’s leading inverter and battery experts, FoxESS products are breaking new ground in the increasingly important clean energy field; offering customers the most advanced product features currently available, coupled with unrivalled performance, product longevity and technical reliability.

Nicholas Campanella, CEO of SNPW said, “We are proud to release our new weblink for our FoxESS batteries and inverters and with our secured distribution rights for their unmatched energy storage solutions throughout North America, South America and also Australia we are happy to add these products to our portfolio to become a one stop shop in the renewable energy space” With our affiliation to FoxESS we are able to help the growing storage needs of US residents and new rebate programs being offered for power storage being launched in states like Connecticut and Florida

On January 11th SNPW announced Sun Pacific Power “NANO SOLAR” panels offering worldwide sales and capacity for up to 50 MW per year. With this new product line SNPW will have the opportunity to provide nano technology and building integrated solar panels that can deliver greater efficiency.

Nicholas Campanella, CEO of SNPW said, “We are excited to bring to the emerging renewable energy market this state-of-the-art technology to expand our solar footprint and offer Nano Solar CIGs on a worldwide level. Our product will be used for various applications and offering light weight panel technology with the option to provide various colored solar panels for building facades and reducing roof loads.”

SNPW CIGS modules are designed and manufactured to the highest reliability standards. The semiconductors in Stion’s thin-film solar panels are made of Copper, Indium, Gallium, Selenium and Sulfur (a compound commonly abbreviated as CIGS). Traditionally, CIGS-based materials have demonstrated the highest efficiencies of any thin-film technology. However, there are many variations of the technology and performance varies widely based on how the materials are deposited and processed. CIGS semiconductor film is comprised of both metallic and non-metallic elements. Stion employs two separate process steps to form the semiconductor film.

The first is ideally suited for deposition of metallic elements.

The second is ideal to supply and incorporate non-metallic elements in the film.

These two processes enable exceptional large area uniformity.

BIPV – Building-integrated photovoltaics. The solar photovoltaic panel is integrated into the building fabric rather than a ‘tack-on’ addition and the PV panel replaces conventional building cladding materials but with the added benefit of producing renewable electricity. The key advantage of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is the marginal additional cost in installation. BIPV is one of the fastest growing segments of the photovoltaic industry.

BIPV also delivers further advantages. Its applicability to a wide range of applications, vertical and horizontal surfaces mean a wider area can be employed to generate solar energy than just conventional roof tops. Further, by generating electricity at point of use means that transmission losses are reduced and no upgrade of the grid is required.

BIPV glazing can also deliver added energy saving benefits in reduced heat loss and heat gain and as a non-mechanical system requires little or no maintenance over its lifetime.

The SNPW range of BIPV modules provide good environment adaptability, less sensitive to installation angle and are more suitable for vertical installation. One or more combination of SNPW BIPV module types can be used to create a unique look and feel to your building. This provides all with the benefit of generating power without additional space requirement such as traditional solar panels

See the SNPW product line @

On November 23rd SNPW announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, National Mechanical Group (“NMG”) and partners Renewable Energy Engineers Aust. (“REEA”) have signed an agreement with Aspire to provide feedstock for the development of six waste to recovery plants in Australia using revolutionary technology that will create no waste by-products and virtually zero emissions. These SNPW plants will be able to process up to 1000 tons per day of the most toxic waste that generally ends up in landfill such as tires, asbestos, mattresses and plastics.

Currently the Joint Venture Partners are well advanced in discussions with various Local Government Authorities (LGA) for the location of the installations. The LGA’s have warmly received the intention to invest as it will represent a significant boost to the local economies and job creation projects.

The SNPW partnership was formed to develop the waste to recovery opportunity by bringing together expertise in solar design and development with “in-country” expertise in building, construction, technology, and regulatory knowledge and skills. The team is actively engaged in sourcing components and capital with an end goal of developing solar farms. However, the relationship has now expanded to solar farm projects which will enable further developments.

The SNPW partnership is engaged in negotiations for plants across Australia.

Nicholas Campanella, CEO of SNPW, stated, “We are excited to work with our partners at REEA in developing this opportunity and expand our footprint in Australia. The signing of our agreement with ASPIRE will help us with sourcing feedstock and help our expansion and commitment for building our portfolio and growth opportunities for our company. We welcome the opportunity to work with the various states to build waste processing facilities and utilize solar power at each site and with the support of local government and their help identifying land.

Brian Romer, CEO of Renewable Energy Engineers Aust. stated, “We are looking forward to the expansion of the collaborative partnership that exists between National Mechanical Group and REEA”. The collaboration in the energy and resource recovery initiatives in Australia being developed by the Joint Venture partners is fast developing a national footprint across sustainable “closed circle” projects – including both energy and resource recovery industries. This will lead to over a billion dollars of investment and the creation of thousands of jobs with the most advanced technologies to be employed in Australia. The deployment of this advanced technology will enable Australia (and the world) to move forward to meet international emission targets as the demand for both green power increases and sustainable development.

On June 15th SNPW announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, National Mechanical Group entered into a partnership to develop Queensland Australia Solar Farm. SNPW and Renewable Energy Engineers Aust. (“REEA”) will develop an initial 100-megawatt solar farm in Queensland. 

The partnership was formed to help SNPW develop the solar farm opportunity by bringing together expertise in solar design and development with “in-country” expertise in building, construction, technology, and regulatory knowledge and skills. The team is engaged in sourcing components and capital with an end goal of developing up to 100-Megawatt solar farm. 

For more information on Sun Pacific Holding Company, Inc. (OTC: SNPW) visit: 

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