eTracks launches a new tire recycling tracking system

2022-05-28 00:19:52 By : Ms. TINA WU

eTracks Tire Management Systems has launched its Sustainable Recovery Platform (eSRP) to over 6,500 Ontario tire collection sites, 100 service providers and over 50 producers. As a not-for-profit organization, eTracks provides Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) services to the Ontario tire manufacturing industry by managing their end-of-life tire recycling obligations under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (RRCEA).

eSRP's development was spurred by the need for better data and insights into where, how and what becomes of recyclable materials put into market, and how much of that material is made into new products. eSRP will help to improve the way producers and PROs are able to manage recyclable materials and regulatory compliance and drive a more sustainable, circular economy.

"In the race to divert more waste into resources, the quality of our data may be the most important part; if something is, or isn't working, we need to rely on our data for clarity and insight," says Steve Meldrum, CEO of eTracks. "eSRP addresses the need to track recycled material; from its use in new materials, back through the processing, transportation and ultimately from the collection source. The resource recovery industry requires more user-friendly platforms, like eSRP, with a fulsome view of complex supply chains that align with rigourous third-party performance audits."

Since 2019, tire producers have been responsible for recycling every tire they sell in Ontario when it reaches its end-of-life. PRO's, like eTracks, manage the producer's regulatory obligations through specialized services that also requires 85 percent of the weight of the tires collected in Ontario to be used towards the creation of new products. eTracks has consistently achieved the 85 percent resource recovery rate for its customers since the tire regulation went into effect.

Reaching this recovery rate with accuracy requires increasingly dynamic data management systems that are regulatory-based, customizable and reduce the time and cost required to operate them. The eSRP platform can also be adapted for use in other material classes, such as hazardous waste, batteries, electronics and Blue Box materials. In addition, features and functions are adaptable to new, or changing regulatory environments, and can be accessed across any mobile or desktop device.

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